Setting New Standards for Linings with Superior Protection


Creating the FRP structure by means of filament winding onto the SIMONA® ECTFE AK liner.

Specialty Plastics is pleased to introduce high peel strength SIMONA® ECTFE AK corrosion-resistant linings. SIMONA® ECTFE AK fabric backed liners are designed to offer cost-effective premium quality solutions for dual-laminate fiberglass and steel equipment. They offer superior protection for safety critical applications.

SIMONA® ECTFE AK is a Halar® lining offered with a proprietary aramid backing (AK) that offers a range of special benefits in fabrication and operation when compared to glass-fibre backed materials. Due to the excellent strength of the AK backing, very high levels of adhesion strength are achieved with SIMONA® ECTFE AK when bonded to fiberglass or steel substrates. In addition, greater ease in thermoforming and welding of SIMONA® ECTFE AK provide additional savings in fabrication.

SIMONA® ECTFE AK fabric backed linings exceed current ASME RTP-1, Appendix M12, standards. They are ideal for applications when high purity or corrosion protection is required in the Chemical Processing, Energy and Power, Metals, Microelectronics, Mining and Minerals, Pollution Control, Pulp and Paper, Transportation of Chemicals, and Water Treatment industries.

SIMONA® is a registered trademark of SIMONA AG.

Product Availability

Color: Natural

2.3 mm (0.090”) to 4 mm (0.157”)

Sheet Dimensions:
1.5 m (4.92’) wide x 3 m (9.84’) length

Roll Dimensions:
1.5 m (4.92’) wide x 20 m (65.62’) length

SIMONA® ECTFE Welding Rod Diameter:
3 mm (0.118”) and 4 mm (0.157”)

Further dimensions available upon request

Key Benefits

  • Service Temperature Range: -76° F to 302° F
  • Aramid (AK) Fabric Backing
  • Very High Levels of Adhesion to the Substrate
  • Fully Weldable and Thermoformable
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Hydrolysis Resistance
  • Excellent Permeation Resistance
  • Good Stress Crack Resistance

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