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Specialty Plastics is pleased to introduce high peel strength AGRU PPB 2222 corrosion-resistant linings. AGRU PPB 2222 fabric backed liners are designed to offer cost-effective premium quality solutions for dual-laminate fiberglass and steel equipment. They offer superior protection for safety critical applications.

AGRU PPB 2222 is a technically advanced polypropylene block copolymer made from PPH 2222 36 and offered with a polyester fabric backing. AGRU PPB 2222 offers excellent chemical and permeation resistance.

AGRU PPB 2222 fabric backed linings exceed current ASME RTP-1, Appendix M12, standards. They are ideal for applications when corrosion protection is required in the Chemical Processing, Chlor-Alkali, Energy and Power, Metals, Mining and Minerals, Pollution Control, Pulp and Paper, Transportation of Chemicals, and Water Treatment industries.

Pipes / Fittings: Specialty Plastics also offers an extensive selection of PPB 2222 pipes and fittings (plain and fabric backed) for the fabrication of dual-laminate systems.

Product Availability

Color: Grey

3 mm (0.118”) to 6 mm (0.236”)

Sheet Dimensions:
1.5 m (4.92’) wide x 3 m (9.84’) length

Roll Dimensions::
1.5 m (4.92’) wide x 25 m (82.02’) length

Welding Rod Diameter:
3 mm (0.118”) and 4 mm (0.157”)

Further dimensions available upon request

Key Benefits

  • Service Temperature Range: -4° F to 190° F
  • Fully Weldable and Thermoformable
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Superior Stress Crack Resistance
  • Superior Impact Strength

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