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Calorplast Heat Exchangers

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Immersion Heat Exchangers


Calorplast immersion-style heat exchangers are an all-plastic fabrication, designed for in-tank applications where the heat exchanger is in full contact with both internal and external solutions.

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube

Calorplast shell and tube heat exchangers feature a compact design and a very high heat transfer performance due to the use of thin-walled, non-fouling tubes. With minimal crevices and low levels of extractables; when fabricated in PVDF these heat exchangers are the superior choice for heating and cooling in high-purity water applications.

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Tube Plate Heat Exchangers

Tube Plate

Calorplast tube-plate heat exchangers are an external heat exchanger designed for use in stand-alone application and are ideally suited for heat transfer between low-viscosity fluids. Tube-plate heat exchangers are suitable for clean and moderately polluted media.

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Gas/Liquid Heat Exchangers


Calorplast gas-liquid heat exchangers are manufactured entirely from plastics and commonly used for condensing of gases to extract aggressive chemicals; as well as, for recovering heat from a gas for use in other secondary applications.

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