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Siebec Pumps

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Siebec PumpsWe feature a wide selection of chemically resistant Polypropylene and PVDF centrifugal pumps. They come in different models and transfer fluids with high efficiency over a wide range of flow rates and pressures. Our offering showcases high quality, innovative Siebec horizontal magnetic drive, mechanical drive, and vertical sealless pumps. Seibec centrifugal pumps offer flow rates up to 15,000 GPH.

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Product Availability

  • Magnetic Pumps
  • Mechanical Drive Pumps
  • Vertical Pumps
  • Dosing Pumps

Materials of Construction

  • PP
  • PVDF

Key Benefits

  • Over 60 years experience
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Closed pump impellar with diffuser for maximum efficiency
  • Flow rates up to 15,000 GPH
  • Large capacity volute case for self re-priming

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